Welcome to the Esatis Hotel

Esatis is the old name of Yazd City and also a name of one of Hakhamaneshi's doughter

also it mean : Blue colour

The Esatis department hotel is with 3 quality degree with a good Air conditioning Pacific Adjacent sovereign Rasht-Astara road and in the near of 3KM of Astara port is ready for servicing to his visitors




Air conditioning 

Full minibar 

Bathrooms are equipped 

Internet access 

Double glazing glass 

Breakfast and coffee catering service in Suites 

Refrigerator, TV, fireplace, stove and full kitchen appliances 

2 separate bedrooms in each suite, sleep services, and balcony

prices for sports team and tour travels with more than 30 people or long reserving will be adaptive

also for our Associates in travel agencies will give 10 Percents off

for more information just call to the manager of Esatis Hotel

please note that another information in another websites of Esatis hotel is not valid and this website is the only and official source of us

Thank You